My name is Dr. Vladi Dvoyris, and I am a man of multiple careers… 

I inquire, research, consult and teach.

As a clinician and a manager, I combine managerial and entrepreneurial acumen with an extensive understanding of the medical and dental fields. I boast extensive experience in managing various types of projects, and I am never afraid of asking difficult questions or tackling targets others would consider dangerous.

I believe that in the new world, business consultancy should be unusual and creative.
They used to call us “crazy” — today they call us disruptive!

What can we do together?

  • Business plan advisory and strategic development;
  • Medical and scientific advisory to healthcare ventures;
  • Investment advisory – finding investors for a venture or appraising healthcare ventures for the investor.
  • Public speaking on marketing, innovation and management — invite me for a lecture, in Israel or abroad.
  • Drop me a line if you have an innovative project you think I can help with.
  • Take a look at my LinkedIn profile, and find projects you can relate to.
  • Still don’t know if we fit together? Let’s have a drink and we’ll soon find out…